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Things white liberal suburbanites do

Tell outspoken anarchists who “represent” them to shut up with 10 paragraph essays and screenshots while ignoring politicians who claim to in fact, represent them.

Our Shared Enemy, The Good White Liberal. On Accomplices not Allies in Ferguson

Peace Now Peace Forever

White liberals who spread myths about white anarchists did it for 1 reason;

Defense of their privileges. And this isn’t critical identity analysis. Just like most people will defend what they have the “good white liberal” will always call for moderation. Their politics will always reflect the status quo. Not on accident but out of defense of their own goals.

The violence in Ferguson for them, needed a scapegoat. They could of course, watch live video or look at pictures and see mostly black people engaging the cops. This of course, could never be their scapegoat as it would be racist. So, they turn to their natural enemy, the radicals whom they already distrust. The radicals that already threaten their privilege.

It is the anarchists and radicals who threaten their careers as politicians and resume builders. The good white liberals who seek justice and peace at the expense of anger do so to protect themselves. To insulate themselves from what scares them, what threatens their prospective jobs, tenure or political ambitions. After Ferguson, it isn’t even a question whether these people should be opposed and, the litmus test is simple. Who seeks to criminalize, compartmentalize and do away with anger, with resistance? The fighters in Ferguson who rejected their own “safe community leaders” should be our accomplices. And with this, we battle against our shared enemy, the good white liberal.

To me, this is the baseline of “accomplices, not allies.”

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Fucking essential for anarchists and radicals right now: Against friendship – Part I

This comes form Aragorn at Anarchy Planet at probably the most crucial time possible.  What is happening?  Why is it happening?  Is it purposeful on some level or did we do this ourselves. How the hell do we fix it?  Politics IS NOT your group of friends.  Time to take ourselves serious and get shit done. Re-posted in full below.

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Herein we will begin to argue against the revolutionary importance of friendship. Will not argue that friendship isn’t a fine and wonderful thing for daily life, for the eating of brunch, or the consumption of beverages. This is all well and good, do what one will, live your life.


What we will argue against is the way in which the affinity group model that has been abandoned generally (although not universally) in anarchist circles has instead migrated into an unconscious way of life. This migration has caused the conflation of social circles (aka groups of friends) with sharing political values (aka the party) with the result that anarchists (and the ASC who predate on our energy) have become countercultural against their better instincts.

To put this into different terms, the conflation of friendship with politics, if it is caused by conscious agency, is done so either by those who prefer to “just hang out” but also want to believe that they and their friends are conscious social agents OR by those who have a specific political project and want to keep it relevant by having it also be a place where social needs can be met.

If the conflation is not conscious, as in, it merely reflects the spectating nature that radicals have over their own lives, then it goes a long way towards explaining the increasing isolation of radical groupuscles. Our lifeways cannot be attractive outside our capacity to grow our social cliques beyond themselves. It is not that we are not desirable, it is that we are choosing the wrong way to communicate that desirability. Being sexy rebels isn’t nearly enough to affect the kind of attraction we would need to confound even the MSM view of us as dangerous outsiders.

Of course this is not some backhanded way to form or reform some type of anarchist political party. I am asking a question I don’t have the answer to.

Indeed I am suspicious about the way in which this friend-comrade indistinction has occurred. Sure, I can point to a reaction against the new left or organizationalism or the desirability of true affinity or the writing of Tiqqun, but the lack of experimentation after Occupy is suspicious. This is the time to change up, not fall back to pattern. Relying on the cool kids to decide what comes next has obviously had limited returns (unless you’re a cool kid and your goals are limited to, by definition, individual social rewards). Perhaps it is time to stop being coy and declare a goal or two.

Voting For Tent City And Hurricane Sandy, The Democrats Consist of Spineless Unprincipled Worms

Arizona Democrats voting for Tent City

Democrats nationally voting for climate silence

You are making everything worse

You should be ignored



When Penzone Wins

We will still have:

  • Mass Deportations
  • Institutionalized Racism
  • Consistent Attacks on Arizona Workers
  • Tent City
  • Consistent Attacks on the Arizona Education Curriculum
  • Arrests of Opponents
  • Intimidation of Opponents

When Penzone Loses

We will still have:

  • Mass Deportations
  • Institutionalized Racism
  • Consistent Attacks on Arizona Workers
  • Tent City
  • Consistent Attacks on the Arizona Education Curriculum
  • Arrests of Opponents
  • Intimidation of Opponents

Even worse, either way, we will still have the Arizona AFL-CIO/UNITE Front groups and Arizona MoveOn seriously believing they are on the right track.

If you do one thing this voting season….

don’t assume that all struggles during the history of the United States were ones that had voting as the primary purpose.  This is wrong information and is designed to strengthen the status quo.  Of course every movement ever had the sole purpose of strengthening the status quo! Duh!

The Campaign to Elect Penzone and Other Hopeful Indicators of the Coming Apocalypse

Hard At Work To Elect A New Sheriff

Hard At Work To Elect A New Sheriff

How much worse can Arizona get? Socially, politically and economically it feels much like we are living in a failed state. You hear people blame it on complacency, the heat, crazy people and other nonsense. Anyone who blames it on complacency is generally talking about themselves though, as the “crazy” people certainly are the least complacent ones. I guess it really doesn’t matter so much, if you are ignoring the problem, you are part of the problem. I mean come on, you are residing in an area that is currently producing the most thorough attack on the general freedom of a populace since who knows when. Not to mention in the context of a society that is already clamped down. If you don’t get that, then please, quickly exit stage right.

There is no real way to understate that the conditions in Phoenix and Arizona as a whole are horrendous for a massive segment of the population. People everywhere are ready to rise against and confront the horrid state of affairs that impact much of our city. The middle ground is even difficult to find, even the complacent and privelged have no interest in compromising with reactionary policies and people. People are ready to call it what it is, a situation worse than what anyone has witnessed for decades, backed by a massive police state.

This Thursday in Downtown Phoenix self described leaders of Arizona are distributing awards to each other for a job well done. Even the famed pro-immigrant crusader Steve Gallardo will be recieving an award from the famed anti-immigrant crusader Steve Pierce! What a way to celebrate the conditions imposed on the people of Arizona with a display of true bi-partisanship. And it is within these conditions that the consistently succesful, always well meaning and cunningly strategic Democratic Party with support of the withered Phoenix establishment left asks us to vote and at that vote for Paul Penzone.

Wow! They really came up with a good idea this time. Not only did they select a candidate that wants to keep the vast majority of the worst of Arpaios policies in place. But a candidate much younger which essentially ensures that his policies will live on for decades longer. You might ask why I am picking on the Democratic party and whats left of the “opposition” in Arizona.

As soon as people realize the Democrats and left have failed, the faster we can leave them behind and create something new.

People are still hanging on to a false hope that somehow the myriad of laws, restriction and regulations can be changed by voting and working  within the system.

And when I say leave them behind I really mean it! A politician has one main interest, keeping their job. Established movement leaders have one interest, keeping their legitimacy. While all of this is happening Arizona keeps getting worse and worse, less people come to rallies and marches, people move out of the state or cross the border back home. People who want to fight are leaving because WE ARE LOSING!

What does it look like when we start making this state unable to function? when we decide that the consistent attack is not acceptable and it is our time to fight back? When we start asking people to take sides? When we politicize everything and start acting outrageous. What happens if we disrupt the flow of business everywhere, constantly, like they did in Quebec during the spring? The people in Arizona are ready for it, we can show the rest of the United States that in the worst of the worst, we can fight for the freedom that is given to us by nobody other than ourselves.

Remember though, they won’t let us do it. The status quo does not want us to win. That includes those who search for legitimacy. It includes sheriffs and police who will arrest and attack us.

Our enemy is not just Arpaio. To focus on him is indicative of a disease of which has a pathology that strengthens the system.

The enemy is any person who seeks to impose their authority on free people. We fight authority, we declare that we are free and that is the point at which we begin fighting.