From Fresno to Tempe, New DTC President Supported Ripping Out Sidewalk for Roads in Fresno Gentrification Group

Now, the City of Fresno plans to revitalize the area by tearing out the 50-year old pedestrian mall and turning back the clock to the days when cars drove Fulton Street. Mayor Ashley Swearengin says that the lack of vehicle traffic is holding the area back, and discourages private investment. Area property owners, including the business group the Downtown Fresno Partnership generally support the plan

Tempe is certainly rising! And with it brings a brand new Tempe resident Kate Borders, hired by DTC and tasked with the job of re-branding our neighborhoods. Certainly a tall order for a brand new resident but she seems to be up for the job fresh from re-branding Fresno California advocating for destruction of sidewalk among other tactics opposed by local residents. For more information on that read “Is It Terrible, Or A Treasure? Fresno’s Fulton Mall Debate Heats Up

Of course there are many, many people to blame for this ridiculous attempt to gentrify Downtown Tempe. And, they should be blamed and called out personally. The advertising agency Zion and Zion, the Awe collective tasked with the rebranding specifically. Don’t fall for the “they are just trying to get by.” We all, try and get by and live with the consequences of doing so. This push by real estate developers will impact our city negatively for the long term. It will push poor people out and chisel away at the small sliver of “not Arizona” in Arizona that we still have.

What will you do to oppose it?


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