New Data Shows Police At War with Citizens, Arizona Ranks #1 for “Arrest Related Deaths”

In one of the more frightening articles on police violence as of recent, this piece┬áranks states by the amount of “arrest related deaths” as a percentage of population. While reading this my mind kept looking for some answer. An explanation as to why this map looks how it does. The south seems to have a much lower amount of deaths at the hands of the cops. Places you would expect, with lower populations do as well. What could explain police from the southern states killing less people? Significantly less people. Whereas in the Southwest and West cops are seemingly at war with people they patrol.

The police seem to have a complicated relationship with citizens

Could it be that the data is so bad in some states that this map is way off? What about yearly, if you took a 10 year span would these results stay the same? Could this data be so fickle that Nevada an outlier, can be explained just by the fact that cops in Las Vegas handle citizens much differently due to tourism?

This map, one of the first of its kind brings up so many, contradictory questions. It seems to challenge or speak to certain points regarding race, class and immigration. And just maybe, it begins to confirm a different sort of pattern. One that you rarely hear from anyone, including radicals on the left.

Sure, maybe if you over lay this map with one regarding ex military members who are now cops, overall crime rates and other miscellaneous statistics it could paint a picture with greater clarity. Maybe it would.

The point that many refuse to acknowledge though is that the police, more and more everywhere are simply not like us. Let that sink in. Police live in different neighborhoods. They go to different churches. They hang out at different bars, eat at different restaurants, probably hang out on different websites. Who do you think represents the mega pieces of shit on mainstream news articles calling for police to arrest everyone. To deport everyone. To kill criminals on site. These are the supporters of the police, and they are also where the police come from. They too, come from different families.

How many cops do you know? How many military members do you know?

Likely, almost assuredly if you are reading this article the first answer is very, very few or none. And for the second you more than likely know at least a handful. Ask yourself how this is possible. It’s cause the cops more and more are a completely separate social caste. This isn’t unique to America either and it’s getting worse everywhere. Most likely you have heard personal stories told second hand from an older generation cop. These almost always revolve around the new younger recruits being completely different than them, in a bad way.

So my question, until a later date, what if this map speaks to a larger problem that is ideological in nature? A war that is being fought between different populations. Those who seek to impose a right wing, reactionary law and order in a highly divided area? Against a population that is changing in ways in which the normalcy of society cannot handle in an age of economic despair. Remember that a low intensity war against non white communities has been fought for decades now. It seems that, this war might just be expanding. Ask yourself why.

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