New Data Shows Police At War with Citizens, Arizona Ranks #1 for “Arrest Related Deaths”

In one of the more frightening articles on police violence as of recent, this piece ranks states by the amount of “arrest related deaths” as a percentage of population. While reading this my mind kept looking for some answer. An explanation as to why this map looks how it does. The south seems to have a much lower amount of deaths at the hands of the cops. Places you would expect, with lower populations do as well. What could explain police from the southern states killing less people? Significantly less people. Whereas in the Southwest and West cops are seemingly at war with people they patrol.

The police seem to have a complicated relationship with citizens

Could it be that the data is so bad in some states that this map is way off? What about yearly, if you took a 10 year span would these results stay the same? Could this data be so fickle that Nevada an outlier, can be explained just by the fact that cops in Las Vegas handle citizens much differently due to tourism?

This map, one of the first of its kind brings up so many, contradictory questions. It seems to challenge or speak to certain points regarding race, class and immigration. And just maybe, it begins to confirm a different sort of pattern. One that you rarely hear from anyone, including radicals on the left.

Sure, maybe if you over lay this map with one regarding ex military members who are now cops, overall crime rates and other miscellaneous statistics it could paint a picture with greater clarity. Maybe it would.

The point that many refuse to acknowledge though is that the police, more and more everywhere are simply not like us. Let that sink in. Police live in different neighborhoods. They go to different churches. They hang out at different bars, eat at different restaurants, probably hang out on different websites. Who do you think represents the mega pieces of shit on mainstream news articles calling for police to arrest everyone. To deport everyone. To kill criminals on site. These are the supporters of the police, and they are also where the police come from. They too, come from different families.

How many cops do you know? How many military members do you know?

Likely, almost assuredly if you are reading this article the first answer is very, very few or none. And for the second you more than likely know at least a handful. Ask yourself how this is possible. It’s cause the cops more and more are a completely separate social caste. This isn’t unique to America either and it’s getting worse everywhere. Most likely you have heard personal stories told second hand from an older generation cop. These almost always revolve around the new younger recruits being completely different than them, in a bad way.

So my question, until a later date, what if this map speaks to a larger problem that is ideological in nature? A war that is being fought between different populations. Those who seek to impose a right wing, reactionary law and order in a highly divided area? Against a population that is changing in ways in which the normalcy of society cannot handle in an age of economic despair. Remember that a low intensity war against non white communities has been fought for decades now. It seems that, this war might just be expanding. Ask yourself why.

“Solidarity With the Ferguson Rebellion” Posters Hanging in Athens, Exarchia Greece


Solidarity With the Ferguson Rebellion

Popular sustained rebellion has continued in an American suburb for the past week. Sparked by police killing an unarmed black teenager, Mike Brown. Unlike other uprisings against the police, state propaganda and repression has not stopped resistance. Anarchists have shown solidarity in different ways including on the ground support. The state has brought in national guard troops and imposed a curfew. Resistance continues in ways that have not been experienced for decades.

Ferguson will be remembered as a turning point, the moment that the state offered martial law and the people fought back. The moment which acceptable leaders could not contain. A point in which the battle against the police, state and capital could happen and spread in any town, USA.


Αλληλεγγύη στη εξέγερση στο Ferguson Μια λαϊκή εξέγερση κρατά εδώ και μια βδομάδα σ’ ένα αμερικάνικο προάστιο. Πυροδοτήθηκε από την αστυνομική δολοφονία ενός άοπλου μαύρου εφήβου, του Mike Brown. Αντίθετα με άλλες εξεγέρσεις ενάντια στην αστυνομία, η κρατική προπαγάνδα και η καταστολή δεν έπνιξαν την αντίσταση. Οι αναρχικοί έδειξαν την αλληλεγγύη τους με διαφορους τρόπους, περιλαμβανομένης και της ενεργούς στήριξης στους δρόμους. Το κράτος έφερε στρατεύματα της εθνοφρουράς και επέβαλε απαγόρευση κυκλοφορίας. Η αντίσταση όμως συνεχίζεται με τρόπους που δεν είχαμε δει εδώ και δεκαετίες. Το Ferguson θα μείνει στην μνήμη μας ως σημείο τομής, ως η στιγμή που το κράτος πέρασε σε κατάσταση έκτακτης ανάγκης και ο λαός αντιστάθηκε. Ως η στιγμή που οι ως τότε αποδεκτοί ηγέτες δεν μπόρεσαν να χειραγωγήσουν. Το σημείο απ’ όπου ο πόλεμος ενάντια στην αστυνομία, το κράτος και το κεφάλαιο, μπορεί να διαδοθεί σε κάθε πόλη των ΗΠΑ.

Our Shared Enemy, The Good White Liberal. On Accomplices not Allies in Ferguson

Peace Now Peace Forever

White liberals who spread myths about white anarchists did it for 1 reason;

Defense of their privileges. And this isn’t critical identity analysis. Just like most people will defend what they have the “good white liberal” will always call for moderation. Their politics will always reflect the status quo. Not on accident but out of defense of their own goals.

The violence in Ferguson for them, needed a scapegoat. They could of course, watch live video or look at pictures and see mostly black people engaging the cops. This of course, could never be their scapegoat as it would be racist. So, they turn to their natural enemy, the radicals whom they already distrust. The radicals that already threaten their privilege.

It is the anarchists and radicals who threaten their careers as politicians and resume builders. The good white liberals who seek justice and peace at the expense of anger do so to protect themselves. To insulate themselves from what scares them, what threatens their prospective jobs, tenure or political ambitions. After Ferguson, it isn’t even a question whether these people should be opposed and, the litmus test is simple. Who seeks to criminalize, compartmentalize and do away with anger, with resistance? The fighters in Ferguson who rejected their own “safe community leaders” should be our accomplices. And with this, we battle against our shared enemy, the good white liberal.

To me, this is the baseline of “accomplices, not allies.”

For more reading:

Ferguson Rebellions Rejection of Leadership is Frustration for Some, Inspiration for Many

The New York Times published an article today August 17th titled Lack of Leadership and Generational Split Hinder Protest, which argues that the two points of contention are possibly related. Of course as usual with the NY Times, dry reporting is the default instead of an obvious position that may scare regular readers. With that said, it doesn’t take reading between the lines to notice that Ferguson and the rejection of formal leadership is a trend increasing in frequency worldwide.

One protester, DeVone Cruesoe, of the St. Louis area, standing on Canfield Drive last week said, “Do we have a leader? No.” Pointing to the spot where Mr. Brown was killed, he said, “You want to know who our leader is? Mike Brown.”

It is nice to have an active anti-authoritarian or anarchist presence around to reject status quo leadership and politics. In countries such as Greece the leaderless but revolutionary resistance has encouraged many to practice life beyond politicians, and protest leaders. Although now more often than not we see rejection of leaders as a consistent position. People on the streets, political or not during rebellion see themselves acting as equals instead of followers. They look to one another to organize, to fight back and gain knowledge. In the past resistance could safely be managed through TV, newspapers and official channels, now resistance is led by all participants and;

Politicians, community leaders, Democrats & the acceptable opposition are unable to channel anger back towards safe ineffective demands 

There has been much written about mass decentralized media creating new forms of social, economic and political organization. The New York Times article asks if a generational gap exists. Well, of course one exists although not the one they assume. Protesters worldwide aren’t always seeking “leaders who represent their generation.” And the people on the ground who actively reject them certainly aren’t. It is not disorganization. It is meaningful. Leaders are not needed in an age when people connect instantly. There is no need for compromise when the necessity for revolution is apparent and equally recognized. Those who wish to control only possess the ability to prove their irrelevancy.

In Ferguson, there is a rebellion which shares characteristics of others worldwide. Similarities such as free association, rejection of moderate positions and above all, distrust of formal representation. It isn’t “political confusion” as the dinosaurs at the NY Times may think, it is in fact political cohesion. Political cohesion informed by all voices on the ground. Those voices have access to people fighting back everywhere. They no longer need respectable voices that intend to calm anger. In Gezi park, in Exarchia, in Palestine, in Egypt, in Madrid, in Ferguson how many people do you think fight only for longer chains? Very few. A larger cage, is no longer a political compromise worth fighting for. Our communication among each other is now direct and intention is annihilation of the cage altogether. Smashing these chains into millions of pieces.

photographer @chriskingstl

Phoenix, AZ: Anarchist Graffiti in Support of Ferguson, MO and Palestine

Phoenix Arizona anarchists have been active supporting the Ferguson uprising in different ways. Anarchists are organizing and attending local events as well as spreading propaganda both online and off. Many comrades see the events in Ferguson as much more than an isolated disturbance or a singular flash point that the state is having trouble controlling.

To many, Ferguson represents an escalation in the way the state plans to handle rebellions they are unable to manage with propaganda and counter-insurgency. So what this ends up meaning is, moving forward we should expect immediate escalation and martial law. The next economic disaster and war will bring mass resistance. What we see in Ferguson is their plan to deal with it, to manage it.

So, it becomes imperative to support in ways that make the most sense. Single acts of support in many places not only provide hope and inspiration but the impression that anarchists can act in mass when needed. What does it look like during the next escalation if our acts continue to multiply?


The Future is Ferguson and If You Aren’t Paying Attention…….

What exactly are you doing? If you don’t care you have an excuse, among radicals though, there is nothing more important. Nothing.


Unmediated Solidarity; Just Do It! Uncovering and Disrupting Police Disinfo in Ferguson and Other Flashpoints

Over the course of a few years, local police in a seemingly coordinated effort have put forth narratives designed to stop radicals from lending unmediated support to impacted communities during times of crisis. The pattern of this counterinsurgency strategy is simplistic yet fairly effective. A decade of intense militarization, economic decline and an overall breaking system has created a need for the state to stop uprisings before they take hold. Their strategy is two fold, divide the impacted community into good and bad protesters while concurrently attacking the anarchist movement.

Taking a look at Ferguson should reveal a pattern that follows along a fairly specific and similar national trajectory. This narrative is usually something like;

The police mention anarchists as the main provocateurs

This information is picked up by well meaning moderates within impacted communities

Disinformation spreads and does the damage it is intended to do

During a daytime news conference on August 11th the Ferguson sheriff issues the first statement blaming anarchists for starting trouble

Fairly amusing that a local sheriff would be privy to information detailing an organized plot by local anarchists to rile people up. Of course with statements like these the questions are never asked and the damage is done. The disinformation spreads and works to discredit anyone “causing trouble” and prevent radicals from continuing on the ground support. If you think this is some sort of conspiracy theory I suggest you take into consideration that the entire global community right now is experiencing serious social and political upheaval. If you think the USA is immune, I will buy all of your gold for a good price and teach you how to make 1000’s a week online.

My intention isn’t to shame or call out anybody who ends up using this disinformation for their own gain. As radicals we should understand that moderates, well meaning liberals and wannabe politicians will always be willing to exploit this disinformation. They do it in black, white, latino poor and middle class communities. That said, my intention is to explain that an effort by the state exists to isolate radicals and prevent them from participating in unmediated solidarity. What is mediated solidarity? Staged rallies put on by Democrats with a safe message for white people. Marches in circles around empty buildings on a Sunday guaranteed to be “non-confrontational.” Letter writing campaigns and unity rallies in high school gymnasiums. Unmediated solidarity?

Unmediated solidarity means support that is direct without the watchful eye of the state and lap dogs. Direct support financial and political to people arrested. Showing up in impacted areas, telling the real story on the ground. White people showing uncritical, uncompromising support during times of rebellion is crucial. We don’t need to wait for politicians or leftist social managers. They are irrelevant and should be ignored and shut down when possible. In Ferguson, anarchists have been reporting events on the ground since day one while also setting up a jail support fund. Where are the leftists? Mostly complaining about anarchists and sharing Al Sharpton quotes on social media.

Of course Ferguson isn’t the only example of this disinformation, in NYC last year police shot and killed Kimani Gray. Within hours there was a response from the community that was sustained for days. The interesting point about these events and the blame put on anarchists was that very little disruption ever took place. Small incidents here and there, for whatever reason necessitated police blaming anarchists for what boils down to, any and all non sanctioned behavior. Here is an article detailing small acts of disruption that took place and outside agitators blamed by the NYPD from the beginning. Much of this information and disinfo is chronicled on Twitter, it is worth noting that the platform has been under intense scrutiny by states looking to stop and disrupt unrest.

Blaming White People for Black Anger is Fucked Up

Here’s the thing. Were white anarchists at these uprisings? Sure, probably. Do white people always act perfect? No. Do white anarchists look to control or “lead” black anger? No. Do white anarchists seek to incite people? No. Anyone who tells you different is lying because they have their own agenda.

Anarchists want to support people in struggle, on the ground. It is that simple. Police, Leftist managers and capitalists would rather that not happen. Ferguson at least to me shows, we can do it.


Dear So Called Radicals Regarding the Recent Rising in Ferguson

Going to make this real, real simple;

If you shame anarchists for trying to help and support communities impacted by the state I don’t think you should be trusted


Be constructive if you need to, nobody is perfect. That said, this bullshit that shuts down people before they even try is pigs work. For the past three years we know that the main concern the state has is us making real, unmediated connections with people who are not in radical subcultures. Consider that the next time your neo-Marxist bullshit ideals conflict with helping people.

When Liberals Have Had Enough: Che Cafe & UCSD Books to Prisoners Under Attack

Being in the Mediterranean for a few months now I wanted my first post back to be inspirational and thoughtful regarding my travels and learned experience. It’s been good and there will be more of that although, I wanted to highlight an ongoing attack against radicals in the California University System. It’s the Summer, school isn’t in session and with that we have the first in what is to surely become an ongoing issue. Janet Napolitano the ex-homeland security director under the Obama administration is now in charge of all California schools. What other context is needed here really? We know where this is going.

A few months ago the Che Cafe was served with an eviction notice that ended up being supported by the entirety of the student government. The reason they supported it? The school gave in and granted them unisex bathrooms. The liberal jokes write themselves here but it can’t be considered that funny since the context is completely demolishing radical projects on campus. So, the establishment left has conceded bathrooms in return for pushing any non-establishment sentiment off campus. UCSD is the test run, the rest of the system is no doubt in the cross hairs.

So today, in a greater than expected fashion Books for Prisoners UCSD has been served with the equivalent of a “move your desk to the basement” order. How is this project an issue, how much could it possibly cost the university? We know what is going on. The university is not a place for anti-establishment discourse specifically in the age of austerity stateside. Behavior that is obviously outside the status quo is quickly criminalized. Cleansing the university system makes sense, a long term radical project on university grounds has legitimacy. It attracts more people within that space. It has power in that regard.

Anarchist and radical projects, people and spaces are under attack in the USA. The liberal establishment appeases the sorry state of the left with social issue scraps. There is much worse coming and when it does, will we be able to fight?

Unisex bathrooms for all! Use them or else!

Sheriff Joe to Invade Tempe this Weekend Amid Rebellion at Hub on ASU, Disruption of City Meeting and General Anger Over Police Crackdown

On Thursday night, after an ASU football game, Tempe police officers and firefighters found themselves pelted by beer cans as they responded to a disturbance at the Hub On Campus, a high-rise apartment complex for students.

In an e-mail to the Tempe City Council, Ryff cited the Hub incident as an example of the ongoing problem with rowdyism. He said that 13 minors were arrested on suspicion of consuming alcohol and that other minors fled the building as police arrived. A fire extinguisher also was discharged.

Rowdyism, or in a more honest world, students pushed to the limit. This limit is not only being hit on campus. On Monday night, community anger from long time residents boiled over at a city meeting in regards to “public safety.” This meeting was meant to be celebratory with “community leaders,” cops and politicians congratulating themselves on a job well done.

It did not turn out that way. Groups of long time Downtown Tempe residents came, stood up to the police, got threatened with removal and generally turned the meeting upside down.

Consistent acts of rebellion in response to the situation downtown. The City of Tempe is now taking the initiative in furthering the crackdown;

Ryff said he asked the Sheriff’s Office to participate because of his desire to sustain the Safe and Sober campaign, especially after the two recent incidents. Sheriff’s deputies have jurisdiction throughout the county, and the agency also has specialized units.

Sheriff Joe will be invading the Downtown Tempe Community this weekend. Our neighborhoods will be swarming with MCSO harassing anyone on the streets….

Disobedience is the only response, this is our neighborhood not theirs.

A special message to the frats on and off campus: The City of Tempe likes to make this about you. They want to claim that your behavior is the problem, that without you none of this would be needed. The residents of Downtown Tempe that enjoy living in a college town know that this is a lie. We know the city is employing this strategic crackdown in order to pacify and make our neighborhood a boring suburban wasteland.

Although, some practical advice to the ASU fraternities and students. Make an honest attempt to solve problems even while drunk without violence. Trust me, I understand that many times the dude who is getting a beating probably deserves it. Which leads to my last piece of advice – encourage men to stop raping, molesting, bothering, harassing and generally being rude to women. Imagine how many fights would be prevented if your friends employed this strategy.

We need to fight for our right to party, quite literally. They want you to stay on campus and shut up, they want us to leave Downtown Tempe and shut up. They are now bringing in truly horrid individuals with the MCSO this weekend to push us to an even greater extent. We have won this battle before, never forget that they wanted to blow up ‘A’ Mountain and the Flour Mill. This time though, they mean business.

What will our future acts of rebellion look like? Will we make it out of this with the last sliver of character Tempe has, or will it be lost?

For a wilder and more free Tempe.