Phoenix, AZ: Anarchist Graffiti in Support of Ferguson, MO and Palestine

Phoenix Arizona anarchists have been active supporting the Ferguson uprising in different ways. Anarchists are organizing and attending local events as well as spreading propaganda both online and off. Many comrades see the events in Ferguson as much more than an isolated disturbance or a singular flash point that the state is having trouble controlling.

To many, Ferguson represents an escalation in the way the state plans to handle rebellions they are unable to manage with propaganda and counter-insurgency. So what this ends up meaning is, moving forward we should expect immediate escalation and martial law. The next economic disaster and war will bring mass resistance. What we see in Ferguson is their plan to deal with it, to manage it.

So, it becomes imperative to support in ways that make the most sense. Single acts of support in many places not only provide hope and inspiration but the impression that anarchists can act in mass when needed. What does it look like during the next escalation if our acts continue to multiply?



  1. Katy says:

    Hello, I’m trying to compile a zine on the actions and writings surrounding Ferguson, if you get this hit me up on the attached email

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