Social authentication in light of the anarchist bans on Facebook/Twitter etc + Athens events

I have decided to restart this site under the old name for three brief reasons. And for those reasons this post will stay constantly pinned to the top.

  1. When/if the social accounts I manage are deleted I will need a way to authenticate new accounts. The political thoughts/commentary are not so important but live updates from the ground in the coming years wherever you are will be. These new accounts I may create will need to be trusted. This blog will list current usernames and URLS.
  2. I would like to encourage others to consider new means of effective communication. We can use the socials with the knowledge that we will be banned. This site, can easily be ported to TOR or other virtually unbannable servers. It’s not the best solution but it IS a solution. Back up your data now. Don’t wait and cry later.

Lastly! The new posts here from henceforth when not regarding authentication will list events I support or encourage. These could be meetings, demos, parties or whatever. Please do not message requesting event inclusion. At the moment both and list most if not all events of a political nature.

Good luck to you all.

Original Twitter screenshot with my URL in bio. @exiledarizona is still the current authenticated username.

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