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It’s Not All That Bad Livin’ in the Gulag Archipelago 2012

Every so often I encounter people who want to discuss the state of affairs in the United States and in general.  Usually there is at least a cursory understanding that many indicators point towards a downward trajectory but of course, how bad can it possibly be?  Well, beyond the fact that we are falling behind key information age goalposts such as internet reach and poverty there is another…more pressing issue.  Many people, specifically Arizonans know that tent city is criminal, but I think they don’t understand how bad it actually is.  Anyhow, there is one issue I find myself talking a lot about with people.  I haven’t yet found anyone who is into defending it either:

The amount of prisoners in the United States is now equal per capita to that of the height of Stalins Gulag Archipelago.

That’s right, we now are on par with the most oppressive criminal police state the world has ever seen. And before you say wait wait, those prisoners were all political prisoners so we aren’t really that bad, USA USA USA!  I encourage you to read the Wiki page in regards to Stalins Gulags, or I can make it faster for you: The prisoners in the Soviet Union labor system were mostly petty criminals.  But, might as well take it further and just declare that anyone in prison currently for a drug war related crime IS a political prisoner.

Don’t expect to hear anything about this from the Democrats or Republicans, when you vote for them remember that you are strengthening and supporting what will be studied later as the worst part of American history.  The kind of moment where people look back and say, “how did we get there?”

We are here because of contributions from viewers that may or may not be like you.  If you are convinced that voting for the lesser of an evil is the right way to go.  That only protest in the confines of the status quo is the right idea and that compromise and the middle ground is the right path to take well, you are part of the problem.

The Campaign to Elect Penzone and Other Hopeful Indicators of the Coming Apocalypse

Hard At Work To Elect A New Sheriff

Hard At Work To Elect A New Sheriff

How much worse can Arizona get? Socially, politically and economically it feels much like we are living in a failed state. You hear people blame it on complacency, the heat, crazy people and other nonsense. Anyone who blames it on complacency is generally talking about themselves though, as the “crazy” people certainly are the least complacent ones. I guess it really doesn’t matter so much, if you are ignoring the problem, you are part of the problem. I mean come on, you are residing in an area that is currently producing the most thorough attack on the general freedom of a populace since who knows when. Not to mention in the context of a society that is already clamped down. If you don’t get that, then please, quickly exit stage right.

There is no real way to understate that the conditions in Phoenix and Arizona as a whole are horrendous for a massive segment of the population. People everywhere are ready to rise against and confront the horrid state of affairs that impact much of our city. The middle ground is even difficult to find, even the complacent and privelged have no interest in compromising with reactionary policies and people. People are ready to call it what it is, a situation worse than what anyone has witnessed for decades, backed by a massive police state.

This Thursday in Downtown Phoenix self described leaders of Arizona are distributing awards to each other for a job well done. Even the famed pro-immigrant crusader Steve Gallardo will be recieving an award from the famed anti-immigrant crusader Steve Pierce! What a way to celebrate the conditions imposed on the people of Arizona with a display of true bi-partisanship. And it is within these conditions that the consistently succesful, always well meaning and cunningly strategic Democratic Party with support of the withered Phoenix establishment left asks us to vote and at that vote for Paul Penzone.

Wow! They really came up with a good idea this time. Not only did they select a candidate that wants to keep the vast majority of the worst of Arpaios policies in place. But a candidate much younger which essentially ensures that his policies will live on for decades longer. You might ask why I am picking on the Democratic party and whats left of the “opposition” in Arizona.

As soon as people realize the Democrats and left have failed, the faster we can leave them behind and create something new.

People are still hanging on to a false hope that somehow the myriad of laws, restriction and regulations can be changed by voting and working  within the system.

And when I say leave them behind I really mean it! A politician has one main interest, keeping their job. Established movement leaders have one interest, keeping their legitimacy. While all of this is happening Arizona keeps getting worse and worse, less people come to rallies and marches, people move out of the state or cross the border back home. People who want to fight are leaving because WE ARE LOSING!

What does it look like when we start making this state unable to function? when we decide that the consistent attack is not acceptable and it is our time to fight back? When we start asking people to take sides? When we politicize everything and start acting outrageous. What happens if we disrupt the flow of business everywhere, constantly, like they did in Quebec during the spring? The people in Arizona are ready for it, we can show the rest of the United States that in the worst of the worst, we can fight for the freedom that is given to us by nobody other than ourselves.

Remember though, they won’t let us do it. The status quo does not want us to win. That includes those who search for legitimacy. It includes sheriffs and police who will arrest and attack us.

Our enemy is not just Arpaio. To focus on him is indicative of a disease of which has a pathology that strengthens the system.

The enemy is any person who seeks to impose their authority on free people. We fight authority, we declare that we are free and that is the point at which we begin fighting.