The ASU Students for Liberty and Other Reasons Anarchists Should Be at the University

Let me first state:

I am the last person who thinks that a legit revolutionary movement will come from or happen within the University system. In fact, I believe that the liberal vanguard that has for the most part taken over political theory at universities holds liberation movements back.  That said, right now at this moment in time tons of people are radicalizing.  This includes younger folks and students at even the most ridiculously non political universities such as Arizona State University.

The next few years will undoubtedly see more job losses, tuition increases and a general decay in academic development (if it can decay further.)  This will lead to younger folks wanting to push back against the state and capital.  This is happening throughout the world and there certainly is no reason why it won’t happen here.  One of two things will happen when we get to that specific moment:

  • There will be no organization other than libertarians on campuses
  • Liberal organizations will step in to channel the anger back towards the status quo

The past couple instances when I made forays into campus for outreach reasons were surprising.  The level of interest for radical ideas is there to a point that it is distinguishable.  People are looking for something and it certainly is not status quo politics.  What am i proposing?

At the very least we need to have consistent propaganda on all local campuses. 

As militants we should seek out folks in the university system who would be interested in starting campus organizations helping them push it along.  Folks who are not already involved or minimally involved.

Our own organizations should make the now and again appearances on campus for events. Such as debates and literature distribution.

These ideas are certainly not time consuming and as I said, from my experience completely worth it.  Lets not focus on the campuses but at the very least have a presence so when the time comes, we don’t kick ourselves for doing nothing.


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