Thoughts on the Guardian Article “The end of Capitalism is Beginning”

My thoughts on the following article: The end of capitalism is beginning

This is a topic that I focus on a lot myself. There is this part where the author mentions that they are “just focusing on the economic” part of the equation. And that, the social and political part can be talked about by others. This is fair but they don’t in fact shy away from it towards the end and their conclusion gets messy.

Messy for the same reason a lot of these folks can’t handle the conclusion. There’s no way these “changes” can happen simply through economic and social planning. I really believe that a lot of it can happen that way and in fact, before we get to the sort of crisis that turns the table so to speak, as this author says “the right way” must be found. This would piss off a lot of anarchists but well for one, I don’t care and I think he is right.

Couple things that bother me about his specific view: He seems to rely way too much on a need to let the reader know that everything can be automated. I think he is doing this for academic reasons instead of following the natural conclusion that some manual labor probably won’t matter in the long run.

The insistence on the need for a state sounds somewhat Marxist and also academic. Like, instead of just following the natural conclusion that the state will wither away or go out with a bang within his theory he clings to it. For what reason, I am not sure but it would be great to hear an answer.

The criticism of Syriza and other late stage left formations is a bit weird. For whatever reason, it would seem obvious that the information age and the issues he talks about has given rise to these parties. It’s not a last ditch effort for them but a mid point of confusion in rapidly changing environment. One where the nation state is failing and the people who live in them try and respond.

Overall, even though there are clearly bothersome parts for anti-authoritarians it points out highly important aspects of what is upon us. His article seems to hit some walls with academic analysis at points and this prevents a consistent conclusions.

Lastly, I have noticed some criticism that is a constant headache for me, mainly the “it doesn’t seem as serious as the author says.” Basically folks who can’t grasp how important the information around us is. You are in the middle of a serious revolutionary period in human history. Deal with it.

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