When Liberals Have Had Enough: Che Cafe & UCSD Books to Prisoners Under Attack

Being in the Mediterranean for a few months now I wanted my first post back to be inspirational and thoughtful regarding my travels and learned experience. It’s been good and there will be more of that although, I wanted to highlight an ongoing attack against radicals in the California University System. It’s the Summer, school isn’t in session and with that we have the first in what is to surely become an ongoing issue. Janet Napolitano the ex-homeland security director under the Obama administration is now in charge of all California schools. What other context is needed here really? We know where this is going.

A few months ago the Che Cafe was served with an eviction notice that ended up being supported by the entirety of the student government. The reason they supported it? The school gave in and granted them unisex bathrooms. The liberal jokes write themselves here but it can’t be considered that funny since the context is completely demolishing radical projects on campus. So, the establishment left has conceded bathrooms in return for pushing any non-establishment sentiment off campus. UCSD is the test run, the rest of the system is no doubt in the cross hairs.

So today, in a greater than expected fashion Books for Prisoners UCSD has been served with the equivalent of a “move your desk to the basement” order. How is this project an issue, how much could it possibly cost the university? We know what is going on. The university is not a place for anti-establishment discourse specifically in the age of austerity stateside. Behavior that is obviously outside the status quo is quickly criminalized. Cleansing the university system makes sense, a long term radical project on university grounds has legitimacy. It attracts more people within that space. It has power in that regard.

Anarchist and radical projects, people and spaces are under attack in the USA. The liberal establishment appeases the sorry state of the left with social issue scraps. There is much worse coming and when it does, will we be able to fight?

Unisex bathrooms for all! Use them or else!

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